Top Reasons why Families Break up

There are various reasons why a family is broken up. There are family that are bound together and there are families that are breaking up. Here are the top reasons why a family breaks up.

#1. They fight over money.

Money is almost the source of everything. Money is the standard of living. If parents do not think that their money is for the family, they will always argue who would spend for this and for that. They care of keeping their money alone.

#2. Irresponsibility

Parents should be responsible to take good care of the family. However if one is not responsible to carry out his or her role as a parent, this causes a big problem. The children will suffer if their parents are irresponsible.

#3. Absence of Love

For a family to be bound as one, love must cover the whole family. Without love, a family cannot feel the essence of being a family and soon breaks up. Parents have to love each other, parents to children and children to parents.

#4. Jobless Husband

A husband is the head of the family this is why husbands are responsible to manage a job and earn money to sustain the living of the family. Unless the husband works, he becomes burden of the family. There are some husbands committing suicide when they are fired suddenly. Thinking that it is a shame not to be able to support the family, they take away their life. By taking away their life, will the family get better of live a happy life?