Dream Big!

Dream big! Do not fear! You have the power to change the world and overcome everything. Every single person starts with nothing but in the end, they are the true successful and prosperous. Your beginning may seem humble, but your future will be prosperous as the numerous stars in heaven and as the sand in the seashore.

A lot of famous successful billionaires, inventors, athlethes and other personalities did not just achieve their success with comfort and easy way. They too suffered a lot but did not give up.

Michael Jordan, a leading NBA player made a remarkable record in the history of NBA. He family is not athletic. He was even rejected before to play basketball. He is not that tall to be a basketball player. But not is impossible. He is now a famous NBA superstar.

Thomas Edison, a famous inventor of the light bulb began his journey with nothing. He failed many times. He was fired from his early jobs because of being slow. He was mocked in the school from being incapable and stupid to learn. But who is Thomas Edison now? The light bulb which the whole world is using was his greatest invention. See how determined he was. He never gave up on his big dream.

Manny Pacquiao, the boxing champ, is not educated due to poverty. But his passion is undying. He dreamed big. And now, he is a legend in the boxing field and a politician as well.

In every way that we want to achieve, there are always trials and difficulties but remember that there are also counterparts. There are ways to triumph these obstacles toward our big dreams.

Be a rewarding designer someday or be a famous artist tomorrow!