Overcome Failures and Temptation

To dream, consider what you can do. Use your talent in order to choose what you will be in the future. Let me give you an example. When I was young, my friend said that she would like to be one of the recognized architect in the nation.

I agreed because she is a good artist. She said that she would build design buildings for people to remember how talented she is. She went to California to purse her dream. It was then when she thought that it is quite fearful when she will not succeed in her dream. She said that she failed in one her projects. She was threatened with that fact.

Actually, besides those ones, there are numerous unavoidable circumstances that we may come across and we think that this is the end of everything. We become helpless thinking that we can no longer pursue our dream.

The reason why failures come to us is that we have to persevere to overcome them. Unless we experience failure, how can we be earnest in fulfilling our goal? Did you know that success without failure is not valuable? When you succeed after facing so many failures and inconveniences in life, your success will be as valuable as the stars.

In order to overcome trials, just think of what you will become in the future. DO not focus on the current situation but see what is your final destination of success so that you will be striving always.

For people who have a great dream, there is no enough rest for them. They overcome the temptation of the world, that’s why they have no time to play and spend their time for meaningless things.

One of the biggest hindrances in success is TIME. Believe it or not. People come to think ‘how long will it take?’

Always have a positive insight in everything.

Even animals do something for their life. What about humans?  Humans have the highest capability in thinking. Actually dreaming begins from childhood and adolescence age. It is because, in these stages, you can do everything. You have the power to control your time and activity. After you lose this age and get married, everything will be changed. Regrets will come to you when you did not do dream bigger when you were younger.